Chirobeans Supports

I made this page to bring your attention to a couple of very honourable local guys (Gloucestershire, UK) who raise money for charity by pushing their bodies to extraordinary lengths.

Jamie McDonald

Known very well in Canada and in the UK. Jamie’s positive mentality has driven him and others to complete some incredible challenges and world records. Now the head of his own charity: Superhero foundation, he helps other less well known fund raisers complete challenges to raise money for those close to their hearts. Keep an eye out for him, you’ll often find him out and about in Gloucester, very proud and always happy to say hello.

Lee Fancourt

A name to watch out for, Lee has set himself the challenge of completing 15 world records between 2015/16. He has completed some already and is gunning for more soon. He is best followed on his facebook page with some amazing videos of just how far he has pushed himself, he is a machine!

Kev Brady

kev bradyKev is Gloucester through and through, at the time of writing he is swimming the length of the River Severn, the longest river in the UK. I’ve met Kev a coupleof times and he is such a lovely guy, proper chilled out, lets wish him all the best.