Football: Quick solution to improving shot power

Football: Quick solution to Improving shot power

An award winning study recently carried out showed that Manipulation (a technique developed and perfected by Chiropractors) does improve shot power at least in the short term.

Manipulation is when a joint is taken to the limit of its range of movement and a thrust is applied to take it then beyond that limit. A popping or cracking noise is occasionally heard when this happens which is a combination of carbon dioxide gas being released due to a rapid change in pressure to the liquid that lubricates the joint and/or any adhesions being broken due to the joint not having moved properly for a while.

The study found that manipulation to the lower back and sacrum improves shot power. My views on this are 2-fold, firstly if your joints and soft tissues are moving better (as is the outcome of successful manipulation) then power transfer will be more efficient. This along with an improved fulcrum for movement to occur will inevitably improve the shot power. Secondly, manipulation has been found to reset muscle tone, with the Hamstrings in particular having been shown to relax when the Sacro-iliac joint (base of the lower back) is manipulated. Relaxed muscles allows better firing of the muscle being contracted and a greater ability of the opposite muscle to lengthen and therefore allow more movement.

Wonder why your shot power has decreased or that your cross field passes are weaker than they used to be? A sports Chiropractor is the best choice to receive top notch manipulation in the areas that will allow your body to work at it’s best. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your ball striking abilities.

Reference: Found here


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