Book Review: Conservative management of sports injuries

Conservative management of sports injuries by Hyde and Gegenbach

is a book I read as part of my continuing professional development and for a course I completed. It is perfect for any sports chiropractor covering a variety of topics, all of which are useful in the field of Sports Chiropractic. I would also recommend it to any athlete that is interested in the body, it would help to have a base level of anatomy (or a willingness to learn more about anatomy through referring out to other sources during the read) before reading. The reason for this is that I am a firm believer in athletes learning as much as possible about their bodies so as to understand the importance of certain movements and exercises.

The Chapter I found incredibly interesting and helpful (among others) is the bio-mechanics of the foot and ankle. This is an area that I had not covered in too much depth before my recent sports Chiropractic course and had always been a relatively grey area. I now have a lot better understanding of key areas to weaknesses to look for, suggestions for addressing the issues are found in this which are quite useful. The assessments and rehab exercises were very good with exercises provided to take the athlete to a point just prior to sports specific exercises. I did find some chapters were telling you things you should already know, things you could figure out with a bit of common sense. such as in the extreme sports chapter, where for example you’re told that “wrist injuries are common in skating”… It is in large contrast to the complexities of the other chapters in which the knowledge provided for use in practice and rehab is great. However, surely if any person reading the book cannot figure out that wrist injuries are common in skating then maybe treating sports injuries is not for them… I do understand why they are in the book as if left out it may suggest they have not been considered, however it did make me laugh.

The book is large at 1117 pages of text and some chapters are very intense, though the depth of knowledge is brilliant and it is a text I will refer to time and time again. I am not the fastest reader and must admit I lost a good 5/6 weekends of pure reading to this book, however, it is now in my top 5 most useful Sports Chiropractic books.


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