Looking after your neck and back at Christmas time

A few seasonal tips to help you have a pain free Christmas this year 🙂

Tip 1: Did you know everyone has a built in lower back safety belt? To put it on all you have to do is maximally contract your abs, then back it off 50%, then 50% again, this leaves you with a 25% of maximum contraction at the lower part of your abs. When wearing this belt your lower back is exponentially stronger, if you keep using this safety belt it will become natural and you wont even have to consciously think about putting it on. Just make sure you’re are wearing it when lifting any heavy Prezzies ;-).

Tip 2: To avoid muscle tightness you have to move properly, when using your arms, whether it be for lifting, reaching, even subtle motions such as waving make sure you keep your upper shoulder muscles relaxed. Try to concentrate on using your arms without shrugging your shoulders, shrugging the shoulders repeatedly leads to chronic tightness. Make sure you’re aware of this when you’re around the house putting up those Christmas decorations :-).

Tip 3: Stay loose, a tight muscle may be sore, relatively stiff to touch and occasionally feels like it has bands of linguini running through it. If you notice you have muscles like these then I would recommend getting a massage or seeing a manual therapist such as a chiropractor to help get them loosened out and a bit of advice on which muscles to work on. Once you have identified the tight muscle there is loads of advice on stretching on the internet, so embrace an information free age! A tight muscle can lead to strains, sprains, headaches and muscle tears. Knowing where to stretch can be complicated as muscles are all linked and related so getting some advice is highly recommended.

Remember, as Santa always says “HO HO HO!!” “always be pro active, not reactive!” :p and finally…

Have a Very Merry Christmas from us all at Longlevens Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic!


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