Football Injuries: Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain

football soccer injuries medial collateral ligament

Football Injuries: Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain

The Basics

The Medial Collateral Ligament, also known as the ‘MCL’ is the most commonly injured ligament when playing football and one of the most common injuries full stop. It is very common in other sports also as the anatomical and neurological mechanisms leading to injury are not too dissimilar.

The reason these injuries are so common is because there is a large amount of stress that occurs at this region in the majority of footballers. The reason for this is a little bit technical for this blog though i will explain the original factors involved behind the problem is also a home rehab solution to prevent the injury recurring.

Always remember that a Humans body is not designed to play football day in and day out (this applies to a lot of sport), common football movements such as running, changing direction rapidly, kicking a round object repeatedly etc. All these repetitive motions will lead to muscle tightness and dysfunction in one region or another.


I would recommend seeing a Sports or Performance Chiropractor for these injuries, preferably a Chiropractor with an ‘ICSSD’ qualification. These individuals are striving to be the best in the field of sports injuries and will be able to look after you without any problems at all.

The big players usually responsible as the originating causes in the cascades of dysfunction that can eventually lead to MCL vulnerability is that either the hip flexors become too tight or the arches of the feet become weak. This in turn causes a dysfunction in the hip extensor and hip stabilising mechanisms of the body. To explain the remaining cascade that leads to MCL injuries is out of the scope of this post (I’m trying to keep it simple!).

However, to help you rehabilitate the injury and decrease the likelihood of it recurring I would recommend stretching (on both sides) your Psoas, Hamstrings (lateral ones especially), Iliotibial bands and peroneal muscles (AKA fibularis longus). Get your Gluts firing properly, also strengthened. Also strengthen your feet to improve your arches and consider improving your balance using a Rocker/Wobble board as this. Stretching and strengthening the muscles works on the physical aspects of your body (consider this as improving the hardware). Working on your balance improves your brains awareness of regions of the body and therefore prevents injuries in the future (consider this as improving the software).

I hope this has helped, though contact me for further information, advice or for recommendations at


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