Book Review: Freakonomics

This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Denmark for a hands on Sports Chiropractic seminar (Hence no post last week). During the eventful 5 hour Journey to the small region of ‘Middelfart’ I read this delightful little number. Rated as one of the best sellers by the New York Times, I chose to read this book as it was recommended as being along the same style as those written by Malcolm Gladwell (‘Outliers’ being my all time favourite). Therefore the style involves short stories used to explain the reasons behind, and the findings of a certain topic.

The premise behind the book is that Steven D. Levitt is a researcher that has found some fascinating trends using statistics. He looks at events that have occurred in the past and explains the true reason behind why they came about using nothing else but the simple truth, statistics. Don’t expect lots of crazy calculations throughout the book, however, the book does use fascinating short stories, stats and anecdotal evidence to explain brilliant conclusions. This was a very interesting read, not one of my top 5 but I did enjoy it. If you are looking for a book that will make you think and possibly change your view on life, I would recommend this book. 4/5


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