Even a skinny wildebeest can’t run like a gazelle

I read this blog and it made me laugh thinking about a runners mentality, the like of which I encounter regularly at work. You guys certainly are a unique bunch!

I'll drink to that

This Sunday is the big 10k race in my hometown.  It usually draws about 13,000 people from every level of ability…including the professional and elite runners.  For those people a 10k race looks effortless.  You know who I’m talking about – the Kenyans and Ethiopians – pros from everywhere who are all just legs and lungs.  They probably have 4% body fat and the lung capacity of dolphins and they run like gazelles.

Those people must be born with running genes; I’m no geneticist but I know for certain that I don’t have those genes.  Even if I trained and trained and trained I still would never be an elite runner.     Genetics aside, the closest I’ll ever get to those guys is during race package pick up and here are the reasons why:

  1. I am fit, but I will never be ‘elite runner thin’ unless I get lost in the desert for weeks or end up in prison; my body simply likes to…

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4 thoughts on “Even a skinny wildebeest can’t run like a gazelle

    1. No problem, really enjoyed reading your article. I just love the comparison of a Wildebeest and a Gazelle, I play football (soccer) and watching professionals on t.v makes me feel like a footballing Wildebeest :-(, haha!

      1. I’ve decided that race times should reflect body weight – like a golf handicap. If I’m carrying 20lbs more than gazelle-girl in front of me, they should knock a couple minutes off my time! I will be following your chiro advice – this old girl is feeling her age!

      2. Hahaha, that is a great idea! would definitely make things more interesting when it came to the winners podium. There would be all kinds of shapes and sizes. Gazelles and Wildebeests would be able to celebrate together! 😀

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